Welcome to my webpage. I guess this is somewhat of a web-CV. So, my name is Ilpo Heikkinen, from Helsinki, Finland. I'm an: - artist (?) mainly in the fields of performing, sound and social arts - sound designer (mainly performing arts) - musician (mainly noise and other sorts of nasty buzzing stuff, mainly involved in Gunk, XXXXXX and The Truckfuckers as well as doing some occasional solo stuff) - audio engineer (that means doing recording, mixing & mastering) - cultural activist (which means a lot of cool stuff for example in Pixelache, Fictional Arts University, Art In-between) ***HAPPENING RIGHT NOW OR IN NEAR FUTURE*** - moved back to Helsinki from New York City! Great! - I'm learning html coding! - We're making a performance piece named NEVERLAND in Kiasma Theatre, Helsinki, Finland, to be premiered in late July 2015. It's about clashing the spiritual heritage of the great late Michael Jackson with something like a Mother Amma event. Working with director Ossi Koskelainen, choreographer Emmi Venna, dancer Anne Hiekkaranta, scenographer Samuli Laine, lighting designer Jani-Matti Salo and an MJ-lookalike Michael-Jan Havia. <3 - I'm part of The BodyBuilding Project, initiated by artist, researcher Saara Hannula. It's about what kind of subjectivities and relational capacities we would need to develop in order to survive the future. The next public event is gonna be an durational performance installation at the Gallery Augusta in Suomenlinna, Helsinki, as part of HIAP's Frontiers in Retreat exhibition. - A lot of great music stuff happening also. Working on new albums by Gunk, Hebosagil, Sokea Piste etc. *** A COUPLE OF SHORT HIGHLIGHTS FROM THE PAST YOU SHOULD BE AWARE OF (THE "CV PART"!): Performing Arts - Tornado (2014): a theatre/party piece made for Oulun Juhlaviikot in summer 2014 located in a massive house in Oulu. Miki Liukkonen did the text, Ossi Koskelainen directed, Jaakko Ohtonen was the actor and I was the sound designer and a performer. Documentation coming soon! - Lasivatsaiset (2014): a contemporary dance piece, made of midi trash, glitter and wigs. Choreographer Katri Liikola, scenographer Lotta Jalava, dancer Minna Karttunen and I as a sound designer. Everybody on stage. Theatre Academy, Studio 2, Helsinki. - Tapani & Alina: Eloonjäämisen haasteet: a performance with Milla Martikainen at the Grey Cube Gallery in Korkeasaari Zoo, Helsinki, in August 2014. - Blackbox with HarrieLiveart-duo: a 2-hour performance at Sorbus Gallery, Helsinki in January 2013. ... Music/live - as solo: a solo tour in South Korea and Japan in 2013, performing in Seoul (as solo and with Jin Sangtae and Ryu Hankil) and Tokyo (as solo and with Atsuhiro Ito). - with Lauri Hyvärinen: shows in London, UK (2014) and a tour in Russia, Latvia and Estonia in 2013 - Gunk: shows in the Lá-bas performance art biennale in Helsinki, 2012 ... Music/rec - Bensiini: R CD/LP (2015) (rec+mix+mastering) - Gunk: Bird/Less LP (2014) - Mr. Peter Hayden: Archdimension Now CD (2014) (mix) - Can Can Heads: Butter Life LP (2014) (mastering) - Ilpo Heikkinen & Lauri Hyvärinen: Amplic/Chisel CASS (2014) - Gunk: Murk/Noon LP (2013) - Hero Dishonest: Alle Lujaa CD/LP (2013) (mastering) - Throat: Manhole LP (2013) (rec+mix+mastering) - Hebosagil: Lähtö CD/LP (2013) (rec+mix+mastering) - Sokea Piste: Välikäki CD/LP (2013) (rec+mix+mastering) - Mr. Peter Hayden: Born A Trip CD/LP (2012) (rec+mix) - Mohel: Second Temple LP (2012) (rec+mix) ... Exhibitions - 7K: a sonic arts group exhibition at Gallery Akusmata in Helsinki, 2013. My work was a book I made about the context of the exhibition. *** INVOLVEMENTS: - Pixelache: a transdisciplinary platform for experimental art, design, research and activism. Member of the board. - Trashlab: an open workshop exploring the practices between hacker and maker cultures. - Fictional Arts University: a project that acts as a fictional entity challenging the Arts University Helsinki to allow more leaking between the Arts Uni and the rest of the society. - Art In-Between: an open collective to bring together Art University Helsinki students interested in art, society and politics. We organise tours, workshops and open meetings. Fictional Arts University is one project of ours. - Gunk: a music/art quartet doing mainly noise music. Acoustic and metal junk stuff you know. Members include myself, Janne Martinkauppi, Petri Pirtilä and Antoine Verhaverbeke. - I do some stuff as solo as well: - XXXXXX: a crazy sextet of the finest. *** LINKS AND ALL THAT: - maybe coming soon *** CONTACT: info @